Marketgraph develops high level tailor made game show software for television and entertainment, ranging from on-screen graphics and screen content to live video playout and control systems.

Our many years of experience doing shows around the world allows us to help you along the way as you bring your show from concept to actual production:

Step 1

We meet with you to discuss the show and what's needed exactly. We give advice and suggestions where needed and make sure we're all on the same page.

Step 2

We create a tailor made solution in preparation for the show using our versatile platform. Our platform allows us to quickly build a show and be able to provide any screen with content, as well as output audio and control other disciplines like lighting. Having our own team of experienced programmers means we'll be able to create any custom solution.

Step 3

Last but not least, the actual show. Our technical experts will install and connect our system on location. Operating the system will also be taken care of. Any changes to the show that come up during rehearsals will be made on the spot.

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