Augmented Reality is a technology that adds live computer-generated 3D graphics to a camera picture.

How it works

To be able to add 3D graphics to the camera picture, we need to make sure the 3D graphics have the exact same perspective as the real world we see through the camera. By using a tracking system to track all movements and rotations of a camera or crane, we know exactly where the camera is and where it's looking at for every picture it makes. This camera position data is used by a 3D render engine to create matching 3D graphics for every frame the camera makes of the real world.

By combining the camera picture with the 3D graphics, you end up with a modified version of the camera feed that has 3D graphics that move along with the actual camera picture. The camera operator will have complete freedom in all of his movements.

Render Engine

We created our own high-end 3D Render Engine which is compatible with industry leading tracking systems and 3D modeling tools. 3D models can easily be imported in the engine after which the scene can be modified to make it look the way you want. Create animations, build sequences and map content, the possibilities are endless!

3D Design and modelling

Besides the render engine, we can also take care of the 3D design. Our designers have a lot of experience with Augmented Reality and know exactly what works best.